Outdoor Furniture

What is outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture, as its name suggests are types furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. Also known as patio furniture or garden furniture, they are made out of materials that do not corrode when exposed to the elements. Although aluminium used to be the material of choice in the past for making such furniture, they are now being replaced by those made of plastic, as they, apart from being resistant to the weather, are light in weight and are available in a wide range of colours. Their light weight allows one to shift them from one place to the other quite easily. Many individuals are nowadays using large bean bags as well in the patio and garden. Unlike costly models, that contain a outer cover of leather, one can find plastic covered models on both online as well as on brick and mortar stores. Their biggest advantage is that their contour changes according to the body shape of the person sitting on them. They contain a stuffing of thermocol balls that needs to be replaced after using the bags for a couple of years.

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What types of outdoor furniture is there?

The different types of outdoor furniture include chairs, tables, benches, and chaise lounge. Placed properly in the garden, one can use such furniture to accommodate their entire family. As mentioned above, aluminium and plastic are the prime choices when it comes to purchasing such furniture, however, one can also find models made from wicker. The type and quantity you purchase depends totally on the number of hours you will spend in your garden. Ensure that you purchase furniture that is light in weight so that you can move them from one location to the other effortlessly. The elements might not affect plastic furniture, but exposing them to sunlight for a long time deteriorates their colour.

What alternative types of outdoor furniture is there?

While one would not categorise the hammock as furniture, people use them a lot to sleep during the afternoon and enjoying the sunshine. One has to tie them between two trees or any other fixed points in order to use them. Made from wicker, small sofa sets are also the rage nowadays with more and more people opting for them. Individuals who love to spend weekends in their yard are the typical users of such furniture. If you plan to purchase aluminium chairs, make sure that you purchase the folding type as it saves space while you store them when not required. Although you cannot find foldable plastic chairs, make sure that you purchase models that can be stacked one over the other.

Search before you buy

It is vital that you search several online or physical stores before purchasing furniture. This allows you to see different models, both antique and modern, as well as their prices. You should also consider the dimensions of the furniture, especially when you plan to purchase tables or wicker sofas. Choose a size that fits the intended space perfectly, as well as allows you to move it from the garden into your room effortlessly.